The Embassy

I.T.S The Embassy. Identify, Train and Send

Pastor Robbin, founder of Women of Deliverance and AHEART, is reviving St James Bible Deliverance and establishing it as The Embassy. This is a place where God's ambassadors can come to learn how to live like the diplomat they are. Training courses will be provided on a monthly basis.

Sunday School: 8am with Pastor Peaches McCormick
Service starts: 9am-10:30am with Pastor Robbin

Sabrina Showell

Sabrina Showell


Sabrina is part of many ministries at The Embassy. Her number one role is in administration. 

She also designs websites and flyers. She is part of The Embassy's praise team and she oversees the AHEART outreach ministry. 

She helps Apostle Robbin develop curricula, write books and more!








To oversee The Embassy’s operations in a growing congregation toward the accomplishment of our Christian mission and vision of becoming a life changing community, passionately pursuing Christ. The responsibilities of this person(s) include but are not limited to finances, facilities, technology, policy development and communications.



1.     A spiritually and emotionally healthy person reflecting the leadership character traits of 1Timothy 3 and Titus 1

2.     Someone who possesses gifts in administration

3.     A focus on empowering ministry through strengthened operations and procedures

4.     A commitment to excellence, honesty, and integrity

5.     A highly effective administrator with gifts in problem solving and policy development

6.     A mature, self-sacrificing team player who is committed to both the success of the ministry and others

7.     A healthy leader who can effectively lead support staff and volunteers

8.     A full agreement with The Embassy’s doctrinal statement and teaching




a.       Performs all daily administrative and operational duties of the church such as running errands and ordering supplies, answering phones, greeting guests, managing church calendar, printing bulletins, POC (point of contact) for church members, etc…

b.      Have the ability to prepare effective and understandable documents and correspondence.

c.       Facilities & Buildings and Grounds

a)      Oversees communications/billing for building maintenance, repairs, and upkeep.

b)      Oversees communications/billing for church vehicle maintenance, repairs, and upkeep.



a.       Provides daily support to the Pastoral Team as needed (making copies, sending emails, filing, making phone calls, doing research, run errands, etc…)

b.      Participates with the Pastoral Team in a weekly planning and coordination meeting.

c.       Attends the monthly Elder meeting for documenting minutes only. 

d.      Assists the Senior Pastor in preparing and presenting the monthly financial report to the Elders.

e.       Assists the Senior Pastor and the Associate Pastors in preparing the annual budget proposal to the Elders



a.       Will organize and manage all computer and Dropbox files on Admin Computer.  Will be familiar with and able to operate all church computer programs, applications and apps as required.  Responsible for uploading media content to the website.



a.       Handles scheduling of volunteers for “Service Sundays” (ushers, parking team, coffeehouse, greeters, etc…) and coordinates/schedules volunteers for events and programs outside of Sunday morning (church picnics, special services, conferences, etc….).  Is the primary contact for all church ministry leaders regarding support and supplies (printing handouts, getting supplies, etc…). 



a.       Main event planner for church events and facilities use by outside groups or ministry partners – this includes but is not limited to weddings, funerals, receptions, church picnics, etc… 

b.      Plan, coordinate, and arrange food and hospitality needs for these events and be onsite during events when possible as a staff.  Coordinate and communicate with facilities team and Pastor on all set-up and clean-up and resources/equipment needed for events.



a.       Will support and assist the church Accounting Manager with basic bookkeeping and day-to-day financial operations as needed. 

b.      Serves as the Bookkeeper in all financial transactions:  payables, receivables, payroll, budget controls, tax compliance and reporting.

c.       Assists the Senior Pastor in exploring future administrative structures to facilitate ministry growth. 

d.      Stay up to date with knowledge of current trends in legal and tax issues as it relates to churches.

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